home-office-336378_640It’s a very good question and there is no easy answer. How do you put a price on expertise? Something which may take me 1 or 2 hours, could take you a whole day – or longer. Nationally, copywriters tend to charge £30-£100 per hour. That is unrealistic in the SW; if i am able to charge an hourly rate, it is usually £20ph.

Normally, I will need to know the scope and nature of the work:

  1. Is it a project/ongoing or is it a single article?
  2. How much research is required?
  3. Am I merely checking your own work for accuracy?
  4. Is the work online or does it require one or more meetings?
  5. Is it marketing for a business, or a community venture?

What I can say is that my charges will be honest and fair, reflecting what I actually do.

I can see this may feel unsatisfactory to those who like hard, quantifiable figures, but often, the best option is to give me a budget figure and see what we can both work with/prioritise within that.