Any artist would probably take massive umbrage at that statement.

I remember what first encouraged me into writing. I read other people’s articles and thought: I could do that. I could do that better. Arrogant? Maybe. Misguided? Probably.

Painting is rather different. I think: I could try that; I probably won’t be very good at it, but I’ll give it a go and I’ll put myself out there to take the criticism, and I do get loads of it! I also get advice – largely along the lines of ‘forget the big landscapes and focus on the close work’. I suspect that is good advice.

To me, words are something I now mainly do as work rather than fun (sad but true) and painting has become the fun.

Upshot? If you fancy writing for pleasure, then please do give it a go. Most people assume they will want to write a novel/fiction, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Factual reporting can also be quite creative and fulfilling. I also find it much easier.

If you need help, I offer competitive proofreading, and can also teach English/writing. I am a qualified and experienced teacher with a first class degree in literature (you don’t get that if you can’t write – and teach) among others.2016-01-02 16.27.042015-12-14 05.12.50 2015-12-17 23.05.01 2015-12-31 16.28.29 2016-01-05 23.22.57