Copywriting and editing

Add colour to your writing

People spend hundreds of pounds on creating websites, and hundreds of hours writing articles, books and blog posts.


If your website/article is:

Badly Written

Your website really is your shop window. Content needs to be short, punchy, quick and easy. Hold their attention by being inviting, exciting, and clear.

Contains Spelling and Grammatical Errors

A beautiful website, great design, poor spelling. You click back to Google and search again. Careless errors mean sales lost.

Infrequently Updated

Fabulous content, last updated in 2013. It’s damaging. Keep your website dynamic and current with fresh content.


then your money – and time – is wasted.

It doesn't have to be that way

I can help with:


You have 30 seconds to engage your reader online. Your copy must be incisive, compelling and powerful, and here’s why.


You love your product, you write your own copy. Superb.Or too long, too descriptive, too boring? The answer is editing.


Some CVs get jobs, others don’t. Check yours before you send it.


Need a 2:1 or a 1st? You won’t get one if your dissertation is error-laden. Your content, with clear expression. Top notch.

Press Release

Big event, news, and want to get it out there? A well written press release often gives you free coverage.


Great advertorial is story writing, dream weaving, with substance. Let them live the dream with your product.

Social Media

No time to write on Facebook or join the Twittersphere? It’s the way to get out there. Maximise your business in a truly responsive way.

Basic English Skills

Need help with basic English skills? You’re not alone. If you don’t know your semi-colon from your colon, then help is available, f2f or online.

Writing Upgrade

Write it well and watch your product fly.  Write it badly, and watch it sink without trace.

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